Top Items for Walking Your Dog

The benefits of walking your dog are plain to see, but did you know that there are some great items out there to assist in making it better for both of you? There are plenty of leashes and harnesses out there to make the walk more comfortable, but there are some that are only the best of the best. When picking out these products, we keep a lot of things in mind. Safety is the top concern for most leashes and collars, so be wary when picking out the right gear!

Why use products to walk dogs?

Walking your lovable companion has a slew of benefits for your pet and you. Anything that might assist in getting you healthier is always a good thing. There are some great harnesses that keep your dog comfortable while leading you where they want to go. Some snacks along the way are always a plus. There are even some great doggy bags to assist in picking up your companion’s waste if need be!

What should you buy?

The world of dog-walking is a big place! There are tons of products that boast the most useful or the best rated, but there are many who might try to pull the wool over your eyes and do less good than you think. When buying the best products for your pet, make sure that you read reviews like this one! We’ve chosen a few of the best dog-walking products here.

Pet Industries Heavy-Duty Dog Harness

For every walk, you need a harness for your dog. Collars are nice, but they can choke your pet if they try to outpace you! A harness is the safest thing you can use with your pet walks because it supplies two points of resistance at the chest and back, balancing it out instead of having it directly around the pet’s neck. This harness comes in various sizes and even has reflective strips on the side in case you spend a bit too much time outside! It can quickly be put on and taken off with a matter of a clip. It is waterproof, customizable, and durable.

Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowls

You don’t want your pup to eat or drink off the ground, especially if it’s dusty! This can lead to dangerous health concerns and it won’t make your pet too happy to lap from muddy water. These collapsible dog bowls are a great solution to that. They’re light-weight and form into small discs when not using them, but expand to hold 2 cups for smaller dogs or 5 cups for larger breeds! They’re made of silicone, making them easy to fold and a breeze to clean.

AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags with Dispenser & Leash Clip

This little contraption has been a life-saver multiple times over! No one appreciates it when you let your pet run rampant among the yard or in a park while leaving their droppings around. It’s common courtesy to pick them up—if you don’t, it may come to bite you in the behind! Pick up your pup’s droppings with ease with AmazonBasic’s special dispenser. It clips on your leash and hangs down. It’s lightweight and has a large amount of bags to dispense. This is a must-have for any avid dog-walker!

Leashboss Duo Adjustable Double Dog Leash

This is for the parent that has two kids! This leash is designed to assist in doubling up your two large dogs. It comes with a handle and the duo-extension, but you can trade out the extension to another leash, like the retractable one above! This is a great tool for busy dog owners, especially if you don’t have time to play outside too often. You can’t leave both of your pups at him, so take them both with you!

Cool-Shop 16ft Retractable Dog Leash

Along with a harness, you might need a leash to go with it. Rather than going for the normal cord-and-loop, a retractable dog leash can not only prevent knots and wear, but can also prove safe to use with your pup. The cords for leashes you may use could possibly pop or break, leaving your companion free to run off. This dog leash can handle the weight of an 88-pound pup! It also comes with a detachable flashlight on top in case you have to take your pet outside at night. It’s a great, safe investment for any walking family!

iDash Pets Daily Hip-Jo’s

What’s a good dog walk without a handful of treats? Whenever you peak on your walk or simply want to rest, feeding your dog some delicious food and letting it water down is always a great idea. These treats are great for helping with your dog’s joint health, which is certainly necessary if you want to continue walks with your pup! iDash brings us these delicious bacon-flavored chews to assist in joint health and is a great way to keep your buddy happy through the walk. Dogs love it!

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